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About eleven years ago.while at a local Flea Market, I came across a large tanker truck with the words "SUNOCO" on it.

I am a collector of service station memorabilia and of course as it was indirectly service station related so I had to buy it. Now many years later, it turns out to be one of the hardest tankers to find-what a great way to start off my minnitoy collection.

I decided to research the Company that made this huge toy and found out that it was a CANADIAN made toy which was called "MINNITOY", by a company called OTACO located in the city of Orilla, Ontario which turns out to be approximately 90 miles from my home.

This company made a variety of things but dealt mostly with farm related items eg. harrows, wagon wheels, and jet pumps for wells.The toys became a by product of the extra material left over.

The pictures of the trucks and toys seen on this web site have not been restored or modified in any way and are completely original and shown as they would have been manufactured by the Otaco Company.

My Personal Favourite-Winnipeg Supply

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